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What is the meaning and origin of shishi-mai? Why does the shishi-mai bite your head?


  Shishi-mai (獅子舞) or lion dance is performed on various occasions such as New Year celebrations, festivals, and other celebrations, but probably not many of you know what is the meaning and origin of shishi-mai. Shishi-mai lions bite heads of a crowd around, and many kids start to cry in fear. Why does shishi-mai bite people on the head? Let’s find out the meaning and origin of shishi-mai  this time.   What is the meaning and origin of shishi-mai? The purpose of Shishi-mai is to drive away evil spirits, famines and plagues. Shishi-mai is thought to have been introduced from ...

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What is “kadomatsu”? When is the decorating period of the “kadomatsu”? How should it be done away with?


  Among the many new year decorations, there is the “kadomatsu”. As you prepare for the new year, there might be questions such as “when shall the kadomatsu be put out?” or “how should it been done away with?”. We hope our findings on the meaning, origin, how to put it out, and how to do away with the “kadomatsu” be helpful for your new year preparations.   What are the meanings and origins of the “kadomatsu”? “Kadomatsu” is one of the new year decorations made out of bamboo and pine. It is put in front of the house gate. ...

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